You are familiar to the clause “numbers never lie.” The same policy applies in the business world. According to Statista predictions, e-commerce sales will exceed $4.3 trillion in the next 3 years. This information is good news for online sellers. If you are yet to join the wagon, it is your time to think about it. Will you afford to miss a share of this cake?
To join the trail, you need an online store or a website for displaying your products. Your selection of e-commerce website builder will determine the nature of online store you will set up. It is good to note that different builders offer varying prices. However, regardless of charges on an e-commerce platform, what matters is the element provided. Here are 3 elements of an e-commerce solution that will determine your online success or failure:


How you design your site is critical in the e-commerce field. Your website is the doorway to your online store. It is the first landing point when customers are looking for products you are offering. In a simple language, it is the contact point of your potential customers. Your site should have the power of attracting visitors and creating a lasting first impression. As a webpreneur looking forward to being competitive, your website must be simple to navigate, consistent, and readable. Visitors should not have double tasks – search for your site and difficulty navigating it. Instead, it should be simple for them to find the product or item they want without draining their sweat. In a word, your e-commerce website design is crucial in the online market. Hence, ensure your website builder enables you to get a superb web design.


The arrangement of elements on your website is another critical factor. Your site structure determines the SEO optimization and web traffic. As you know, your online ranking depends on how you link your site with other platforms. A website that has a room for interlinking enhances the possibility of ranking well on the search results. Also, the Google ranking robots should not have difficulties in crawling it.
Other than this, structuring of a site determines its customer experience and navigability level. Well-structured sites are always easy to navigate and enhance the customers’ experience. However, the structure of your website lies on the e-commerce website builder you apply. So, if you want to remain at the top, go for a website builder that will provide you with a flexible and easy website structuring.


It can be a sign of insanity when you set up a website without any content. Your site content is the reason a visitor will spend some time on your page. Customers want to know about various products on offer. Others are looking for the prevailing trends in your niche. As a webpreneur, you must keep updating information on your site. The reliability and consistency of your content will determine your position on the search results and number of sales you will drive.
Hence, when considering an e-commerce website builder, ensure it is offering you an opportunity to update and upload content on your site. Particularly in this era where customers are making informed decisions, you need to ensure the builder allows you to have a blog. This way, succeeding will be part of your daily affairs.


Success is a desire of every entrepreneur. However, it is not free. You must work hard to achieve it. When selling online, having a reliable and well-designed e-commerce website is the beginning of your successful journey. Your e-commerce website builder harnesses this objective by ensuring effective web designing, reliable content uploading, and well-structured website.

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